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Yes · I'm · all · lit · up · again...

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I kinda forgot I had this little fella.

I've lived in melbourne for two years.
I'm now an apprentice diesel mechanic.
I drive a hectic ford falcon.lowered braz, sports exhaust uleh.
I rooted too many boys this year and they were all the wrong ones.
I've got a crush on a habib who lives down the street from me.
...And on one of the mechanics from work.
I miss my mum.
I don't have many friends cos I can't be bothered.

So apart from the job, the car and the roots not much has changed aye.
Meanwhile, this little nugget of post high school angst has been quietly ripening away, here on the internets.

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* * *
Y'know... life's not as easy as it should be, when you're a big bogan moll like me.
Fuck all of you cunts who think I'm wierd or stupid and blah blah.

I am moving so sooooooooon.... YES YES YESH

* * *
I get cut when people take me off their friends lists.
* * *
NYS was greash. Lots of drugs and dancing.

Think I might get in troubs at work tomorrow for not coming into today because I didn't clear it with one of the supervisors and blah blah blah.
Going to melbs in 7 days whoo for real estate.
Then I MOVE.

I've been packing my room up... I've got so much stuff to do, holy hell!

* * *
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